Portrait of Ian MountfordIan Mountford

Ian Mountford

BA (Hons) Professional Development in Counselling, HE Dip Couns, MBACP (Accred).

Life is hard. Counselling can help.
Unhappiness thrives in silence.

Are you feeling unhappy, discontented, anxious, depressed, worried or stressed?

  • Counselling is based on the simple idea that talking helps, and recognises that we often don’t get the opportunities we need to talk through what is troubling us.
  • People close to us are not necessarily the best people to talk to when we’re unhappy. We may not want to upset them or worry them. We may be embarrassed, or they may be full of well intentioned advice which may not actually help.
  • Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk through what is troubling you without being judged, interrupted or pressured to take action you’re not sure is right or you’re not ready for. Please see comments from former clients about how they have benefitted.
  • Usually, clients experience significant benefit within six sessions or less.
  • Fee: £40.00 per hour.
  • Appointments within a week.
  • Get in touch or call 07855 990908 to arrange a session.