Portrait of Ian MountfordIan Mountford

These are some of the comments that Ian has received from past clients:

  • "I was really unsure about going for counselling, but now I am really glad I did."
  • "I found my counsellor extremely helpful in dealing with my problems. Having a male perspective was very beneficial."
  • "My counselling sessions helped me through the worst time of my life."
  • "Ian made me feel at ease from session one and has helped me tremendously."
  • "Counselling led me to make my own decisions about what direction my life should now take and to not feel guilty about the decisions I make."
  • "The counsellor - Mr Ian Mountford - is excellent."
  • "Being able to discuss the problem with someone who actually listens to what I say."
  • "I am astounded at the impact 8 hours of counselling has had on my personality and whole outlook on life. I feel like a mist has cleared and although times ahead will probably be hard, I can see a light at the end of it all, but most of all I have more confidence in the 'real' me!"